Jory & Brianna {Engagement Session}

A little about the couple and their love story:

Jory and Brianna met their freshman year at a small college in Joplin, Missouri. They had three classes together, and Jory noticed Brianna very early on, claiming to have thrown a smile her way every time he saw her. She doesn’t remember any of this 🙂 She first noticed him when they were in a very small class together (the fourth one they had attended together) and he offered her a ride back to her dorm. After that they chatted off and on about the Cardinals and their summer internships. Eventually, after getting in touch while they were both out of the country for their internships (him in Bosnia and her in West Africa) they started emailing, then emails turned into talking on the phone, and talking on the phone turned into Skype, which turned into dates as soon as they got back to the United States.

The weekend before he proposed, Jory went to California to look at a college with a friend. The whole time he was gone Brianna’s friends teased her about never getting engaged, knowing very well she was getting engaged the Tuesday after he got back. She complained to him and he sweetly listened while encouraging her to be patient. Every Tuesday night they had “family dinner” at a couple from our church’s house. That particular week when they arrived at the house there were lanterns, flowers, and candles outside. However, Brianna didn’t think anything of it because it was the hostess’s birthday that week, and she assumed it was a celebration for her. When Brianna walked into the living room she saw her family and closest friends along with Jory’s family. He proposed right then and there, and they all got to celebrate together!

I am so excited to photograph their wedding at the end of May!

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