Griffen & Kelley {The Melvin Wedding}

I only met Griffen and Kelley a little over a month before their wedding, but as soon as we were introduced I knew that they were going to be so much fun to work with! They are two of the kindest people I have met and their love is this beautiful, tangible thing that shined throughout their wedding day. Kelley looked gorgeous in her mother-in-law’s wedding gown, tailored to suit her just perfectly! The flowers, by Hitched Planning + Floral were swoon worthy! The chapel was a small, intimate setting and their reception was a cookout in the bride’s backyard! Enjoy the images from this sweet, lovely Kansas City wedding!
tumblr_n6r8grmH8S1qdx6qzo3_1280.jpg tumblr_n6r8grmH8S1qdx6qzo6_1280.jpg tumblr_n6r8grmH8S1qdx6qzo4_1280.jpg tumblr_n6r8grmH8S1qdx6qzo7_1280.jpg tumblr_n6r8grmH8S1qdx6qzo5_1280.jpg tumblr_n6r8grmH8S1qdx6qzo2_1280.jpg tumblr_n6r8grmH8S1qdx6qzo1_1280.jpg tumblr_n6r8grmH8S1qdx6qzo8_1280.jpg tumblr_n6r8grmH8S1qdx6qzo9_1280.jpg tumblr_n6r8grmH8S1qdx6qzo10_1280.jpg tumblr_n6r8wzWILa1qdx6qzo10_r1_1280.jpg tumblr_n6r8wzWILa1qdx6qzo2_1280.jpg tumblr_n6r8wzWILa1qdx6qzo4_1280.jpg tumblr_n6r8wzWILa1qdx6qzo5_1280.jpg tumblr_n6r8wzWILa1qdx6qzo7_1280.jpg tumblr_n6r8wzWILa1qdx6qzo3_1280.jpg tumblr_n6r8wzWILa1qdx6qzo8_1280.jpg tumblr_n6r8wzWILa1qdx6qzo9_1280.jpg tumblr_n6r8wzWILa1qdx6qzo1_1280.jpg tumblr_n6r8wzWILa1qdx6qzo6_1280.jpg


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